Company values


Care and precision have been our forte for more than half a century. In other words, we are open to nearly everything. One thing remains unchanged however: our commitment to the quality of our products is accorded the highest priority.

Enthusiasm - we go even further

For us, technology is in motion and flexibility means everything. The requirement to make the right product at the right time is the driving force for our team. We go right to the limits of what is possible. 

Responsibility - we work sustainably

We at Wenker believe that it is a prerequisite to take responsibility for society and the environment in order to engage in good business practices. We are committed to our employees and the region and already pay attention to the wise use of resources during the planning stage for our products.

Our focus is on the customer - we shape their future needs

Success is always a common goal. We are delighted that our relationships with our customers are built on mutual trust. Excellent products are made from such partnerships.