Hybrid building

The hybrid building of the future already today

The hybrid buildings from the Wenker module factory consist of a steel framework filled with walls made of mineral fiber sandwich elements and floors made of a special lightweight concrete - hence the name hybrid.  The walls do not take over a static function in this construction method. They can therefore be used as required and can also be removed later without static impact. Thanks to this unique Wenker modular principle, the system buildings from Ahaus can be subsequently redesigned, refurbished, extended or dismantled with minimal time and effort. Even high, large rooms with loft character can be easily realized with Wenker modules. Vibration problems, as known from conventional modular construction, are reliably avoided by the special combination of steel and light reinforced concrete.  The building elements can be stacked up to 6 floors. Room and structure-borne sound values of the building modules exceed the standard specifications. The fire protection is fulfilled and tested according to the specifications as well as the compliance with the energy saving regulations (EnEV).