Ökoprofit Project

We at Wenker believe that an assuming of responsibility for society is a requirement when it comes to managing a successful company in all respects. We see ourselves as having an obligation towards our employees, our customers and society and ensure that we use our resources efficiently from the planning of our products to the final assembly. We are obliged to availing ourselves of all of the chances and opportunities open to us in order to act in both a social and environmentally responsible manner.

The first step in the direction of an improved environmental protection is the saving of energy by implementing the “Development of a VOC-burdened Exhaust Air Volume Flows Plant for Neutralisation and Energy Generation in a Co-generation Plant“ project in addition to the construction of a photovoltaic plant on our room modules.

This April, Wenker GmbH & Co. KG launched the “Ökoprofit 2016“ from the municipal district of Borken in order to ensure that we are always up to date in the future, allow ourselves to be measured in terms of environmental and energy management and enable us to convey our thinking and handling together with our ideas externally.

ÖKOPROFIT (an ecological project for integrated environmental engineering) is an initiative from the municipal district of Borken, in the scope of which the district works closely with companies on the improving of corporate environmental protection. This results from the conducting of joint workshops  with other companies and from customised and professional consultation on environmentally relevant themes that are of special interest to Wenker GmbH & Co. KG. Hereby, specific weak point analyses are conducted for the areas waste, storage of hazardous substances and energy management. We shall be developing, implementing and disseminating economically proven measures during the next 12 months, this being the duration of the cooperation project.