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Company History

Wenker. Success since 1961

1961 The company is founded by Josef Wenker in Langenfeld by Leverkusen, Germany. It started with the production of air ducts and equipment for the climate and ventilation technology.
1963 The production is relocated to Epe.
1987 Franz Leers enters the company as general manager and shareholder.
1997/99 Achim Bieler is appointed as shareholder and additional general manager.
2002 The company moves to its present location in Ahaus, Boschstraße 14, and extends its product line to machine paneling, panel systems, plant construction and booths for the manufacturing of the automobile industry.
2003 Metal construction Wenker GmbH. & Co. KG has been taken over. Metal paneling for interior design and for climate appliances are new products in the Wenker product portfolio.
2004 Wenker starts with panel manufacturing and enlarges its manufacturing facilities to 10,000 m² production area.
2008 Wenker starts developing panel systems for shipbuilding.
2009 The production of the panel systems for shipbuilding rises rapidly. Wenker again enlarges the manufacturing facilities up to more than 14.000 m² production area.
2010 Wenker launches new successful products to the market: the KLIMA-LINER modular room units, wet units and lighting systems.
2011 In the year of the 50th firm anniversary Stefan and Matthias Leers become further general managers. The KLIMA- LINER modular room units, the panel systems for ships and the ERGO-LUX light tunnel reach the next level of development and the production halls got extended to 18.000m².
2012 With the creation of the Technical Centre Wenker starts a new dimension of product development.
2013 The company occupies currently 120 employees in Ahaus.
2015 The production of the paint plants is being shifted into the new production hall. Wenker possesses now 28.000m² sheltered production space.
2016 Wenker occupies currently more than 150 employees at the head office in Ahaus and in the branch offices in Dortmund and Bad Hersfeld. Wenker goes international: The company establishes the Wenker Inc. subsidiary in North Carolina in the United States of America.
2017 All production halls were converted to the latest LED lighting technology by the end of 2017
2018 Detlev Herking is appointed as an additional managing director. 27.09.2018: the production of ship panels reaches the 1,000,000 square metre mark. 29.09.18: the Wenker company is awarded the "Grand Prize of Medium-Sized Businesses".