"We at Wenker believe that it is a prerequisite to take responsibility for society and the environment in order to engage in good business practices. We are committed to our employees and the region and already pay attention to the wise use of resources during the planning stage for our products. "

Our social and environmental sense of responsibility proves that our corporate values are not simply empty promises.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a term that is a long way off from only being the responsibility of large companies. We at Wenker GmbH & Co. KG, attempt to assume a part of this responsibility  and see us as being under an obligation to avail ourselves of all of the possible chances and opportunities that are open to us, in addition to us acting with a social and environmental sense of responsibility.

The introduction of the Code of Conduct for the employees and the suppliers and the participation in the Ökoprofit project are the first steps in the direction of ensuring a handling with a sense of responsibility in addition to improving the corporate environmental protection.