Code of Conduct

Corporate Social Responsibility, Code of Conduct und Compliance. Terms that also mean something to small to medium-sized enterprises in the meantime. In order to develop a framework for dealing with man and the environment with a sense of responsibility and cope with the ethical challenges of the daily work routine, Wenker GmbH & Co. KG has summarised its long-existing corporate values in a Code of Conduct for employees and suppliers.

In order to create a good basis for our corporate values, a new works agreement has been adopted that guarantees the adherence to the general principle of equality. This should exclude discrimination, especially in connection with the gender and the gender identity, race and the ethnic origin, the nationality, the religion and the ideology, age, disability, sexual identity/orientation and the social origin. In order to ensure that this is adhered to, all of the employees have to confirm their consent to the Code of Conduct and also adhere to it.

An additional step in order to guarantee and disseminate acting in a socially responsible manner includes the adherence to these values and standards by our suppliers. In the future, they shall be requested to provide safeguards in that they confirm this with their signature on a form that can be downloaded below. This form is to be signed by new suppliers and before commencement of the business relationship. Suppliers that we are already in a business relationship with shall be asked to sign the Code of Conduct subsequently.

We hope that we shall be able to have a sustainable influence on the social awareness within the corporate sector by implementing the Code of Conduct.
Over and above this, we would like to inspire our suppliers to create their own Codes of Conduct.

Download: Code of Conduct for Suppliers to Wenker GmbH & Co. KG