Josef Wenker founds the company in Langenfeld (near Leverkusen, Germany), where it produces air ducts and accessories for air conditioning and ventilation technology.

Production is relocated to Epe, Germany.

Franz Leers joins the company as managing director and shareholder.

The Wenker company moves to the present location at Boschstrasse 14 in Ahaus and expands its product range to include plant engineering, machine housings, panel systems and booths for the automotive industry.

Acquisition of Metallbau Wenker GmbH & Co. KG. Metal claddings for interior design applications and for climate control units are added to the product range.

This is the year when Wenker begins producing panels. Production hall space is increased to 10,000 m².

Wenker begins developing ship panels.

Ship panel production experiences phenomenal growth. The production halls are extended once again. The company now has 14,000 m² of covered production space.

Wenker launches successful new products including its KLIMA-LINER room modules, wet cells and lighting systems. Development of ship panels continues.

In the company’s 50th anniversary year, Stefan and Matthias Leers are appointed as additional managing directors. The KLIMA-LINER room modules, ship panels and ERGO-LUX lighting system reach a new stage of development. Production hall space is extended to 18,000 m².

Wenker moves to a new dimension in product development by opening the Technical Center.

The company now employs 120 people at the Ahaus site.

Paint shop production is relocated to the new production hall. The company now has 28,000 m² of covered production space. Wenker begins operating its own cogeneration/CHP plant to meet its energy needs.

150 people are employed at the site in Ahaus as well as the branches in Dortmund and Bad Hersfeld. At the beginning of the year, Wenker founds Wenker Inc., its subsidiary in South Carolina (USA).

All production halls switch over to state-of-the-art LED lighting technology by the end of 2017.

Detlev Herking is appointed as an additional managing director.

On 27 September 2018, production in the ship panel sector reaches the 1,000,000 square meter mark.

On 29 September 2018, Wenker receives the “Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Businesses”.