DRY-Scrubber Sustainable and efficient

Overspray is paint mist that does not settle onto the component surface and must be filtered out of the process exhaust air. Wenker offers a wide range of solutions for this, with the perfect product for every application.


A perfectly painted finish means everything to those clients who see what others miss. That’s precisely why we developed the rotation overspray block – ROB® for short. Thanks to its enormous filter surface, this new system delivers outstanding separation results and excellent energy efficiency.

Compared to conventional separation systems, you will benefit from reduced operating costs and low maintenance costs. And there’s no need to interrupt the paint process in order to change the filter because you can access ROB® from outside the paint booth, replacing it quickly and easily. The result of Wenker’s innovative strength and decades of experience, ROB® is suitable for all paint systems and can also be easily integrated into existing systems. ROB® is particularly useful for clients who need to recover a considerable amount of paint mist, such as when large quantities of overspray are present or when long-life filters are needed. The positioning of the system below the paint level makes it ideal for body painting.

ROB® – an absolute winner in terms of environment, efficiency and economy.

Because our Wenker WQB-filter is individually configurable, our clients can adapt it perfectly to the coatings they use, making it the most efficient on the market.

Depending on the application, we offer the WQB-filter as a complete cardboard filter or as a sustainable stainless steel frame.

An efficient wet scrubber module can be integrated underneath our paint booths.

In our two so-called “Venturi” scrubbers, atomized water is used for separating overspray from the exhaust air volume flow.