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Hybrid Buildings


Placeholder: Wenker GmbH & Co. KG is an experienced, highly flexible metal construction company with a balanced portfolio and a clear, long-term strategy. We feel that exceptional reliability, technical innovations and efficiency are key factors in making a lasting contribution to the success of our clients. Placeholder: Wenker GmbH is an experienced, highly flexible metal construction company with a balanced portfolio and a clear, long-term strategy.


We can plan customized modules.

In residential construction and shipbuilding alike, the sky is pretty much the limit. Modules are available in an exceptionally wide range of options, from basic to luxury. Whether you are on a ship or in a high rise building, our superior functionality will win you over and lend a pleasant atmosphere to your space.

You define the requirements, we’ll take care of the rest.

Our modules are manufactured in our state-of-the-art plant in Ahaus, West Münsterland. Under the best conditions and independent of external weather influences, we achieve a degree of prefabrication of up to 90 %.

With our in-house and on-site experts, we ensure speedy assembly. Thanks to finely tuned construction planning, the erection of even complex buildings can be minimized to a few weeks.


All our modules meet legal noise protection requirements. The unique design of the walls and ceilings means that the measured values are often significantly better than those required by law.

In terms of building physics, all of WENKER’s modular building models meet the fire safety requirements arising from the building codes in each German state. Based on these, a building’s effective fire protection as stipulated in DIN 4102 is defined as resistance to fire for between 30 and 120 minutes.

Thanks to corresponding component insulation, our modular buildings also meet all state-specific thermal insulation requirements and standards (GEG). Connection to renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic or solar thermal energy systems is likewise not a problem. This improves both the energy balance and physical building values which were already good to begin with and thus ultimately saves money over the long term.

Harmonizing component design in great detail allows for well-insulated components and creates an exceptionally energy-efficient, sustainable building with optimum physical properties. We can also implement measures that go beyond this, such as meeting the construction specifications required for funding from the KfW Development Bank.