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Finally, the perfect Lighting

With ERGO-LUX, Wenker sets new standards in surface inspection. In car body production lines, inspecting the paint finish is one of the most important and challenging tasks. Detecting and eliminating the smallest defects in the paint requires the utmost concentration. If light reflections affect the visual inspection, the employees' attention quickly wanes. The ERGO-LUX tunnel from Wenker is the efficient solution for quality control under optimal, ergonomic conditions without compromise.
Conserve resources, work economically

Due to the use of state-of-the-art LED light sources, the ERGO-LUX Tunnel significantly reduces heat generation at the workplace and thus the required supply air compared to a conventional system. This saves you up to 60% in electricity costs during operation.

At the same time, the pleasant temperatures relieve the strain on employees due to the significantly lower heat radiation of the illuminants. The lighting system is quick and easy to install, and maintenance is minimal.


Light Tunnel for Flawless Surfaces

In conventional systems, light sources reflect off the surfaces to be evaluated, with the resulting direct light product producing a glare that can blind the responsible quality controller. This is why the ERGO-LUX® tunnel utilizes a double light deflection effect. The lengthwise reflectors in the tunnel generate indirect light, producing contours of light and dark bands that allow employees to detect even the smallest irregularities quickly and clearly. Also, at 2500 mm in width, the reflector units illuminate entire sections of the body, such as the hood or side panels.

ERGO-LUX® overhead lighting modules set new standards for manual surface inspection. This logical next step in the company’s established portfolio of ERGO-LUX® light tunnels is a stand-alone solution for lighting tasks.

Developed for inspecting glossy surfaces, Ergo-Lux overhead lighting modules have a total area of up to 9 m² in just a single unit. Generating no glare, the reflectors produce bands of light on the object’s surface, providing far greater contrast than conventional LED bulbs. Just one daylight LED strip is enough to illuminate up to 20 reflectors.

By deflecting the light, illumination levels of up to 10,000 lux can be achieved if required, without causing any glare. This technology is also used in the automotive industry, allowing workers to inspect leather more effectively for mosquito bites or other irregularities, for example. Despite the high concentration of light sources, there are no detectable shadows in the lighting area.

This type of application is also used in automotive body manufacturing. Selected areas are illuminated more intensely so that workers can detect areas of necking more precisely when inspecting behind the press, for example. Workstation ergonomics have been significantly improved and slippage reduced. ERGO-LUX® lighting modules are available in four standard sizes. Flexible attachment points give clients the option of using system supports and standardized load-bearing structures as required.


  • Efficient, targeted inspection lighting

  • Very low energy consumption thanks to fewer light sources

  • Component bathed in continuous, high-contrast illumination

  • Optional floor lighting can be implemented with no additional light sources

  • Low maintenance thanks to LED technology