The basic idea behind every modular workstation is that you remain flexible. Whether spot repair booth or audit station - the system is always pre-assembled in transportable sizes. Our workstations can be combined individually and efficiently with gantries, floor modules, wall modules and ceiling modules. You can exchange modules, adapt them or assemble them on site, e.g. on a construction site. With our modular workstations you are flexible all around.

In conventional systems, light sources reflect off the surfaces to be evaluated, with the resulting direct light product producing a glare that can blind the responsible quality controller. This is why the ERGO-LUX tunnel utilizes a double light deflection effect. The lengthwise reflectors in the tunnel generate indirect light, producing contours of light and dark bands that allow quick and clear detection of even the smallest irregularities.

Our Color Matching - workstations offer our customers the possibility to perfectly match and test the painted body and add-on parts.

In order to comply with the reference to perfect painting, the color matching in the painting process is indispensable.