Exhaust Air Purification


“For a clean future”

Our products for exhaust air and gas purification are highly efficient and individually adaptable, keeping them in compliance with the highest environmental standards and minimizing energy consumption.

Necessary Step in the Process of Wet Painting

For the key technology involved in heating ovens and purifying exhaust air via a thermal incinerator, we decided to pursue our own in-house development and manufacturing. Our aim was to create a highly efficient heating system that would still operate below the current exhaust emission limits. We now successfully design and manufacture these systems at our Ahaus site.


The new WENKER PREMIX is a directly ignited, secondary air burner for heating process gas. It uses the oxygen in the process gas for combustion and therefore does not require any additional combustion air. As a result, the burner consumes very little energy.

Design features

  • Constructed with an insulated installation flange, an installed IR cell, an ignition device and a centered gas lance
  • Flame monitoring via the automatic firing unit (according to DIN 4788)
  • Gas train in compliance with DIN EN 746-2

Regenerative thermal oxidation of pollutants is another similarly efficient method of thermal exhaust air purification.

Wenker RTOs (regenerative thermal oxidizers) consist of three process chambers, to which further modules can be added.

Raw gas supply and clean gas discharge are controlled by pneumatically actuated disc valves.

Wenker RTOs are innovative, efficient and economical.