Modular Construction
Hybrid Buildings


Our products range from modules for office buildings and showrooms to preschools, refugee housing, schools, apartments, hotels and modern hospitals.

We also develop specialty solutions and offer highly complex technical modules to meet unique client needs. Whether in residential construction or shipbuilding, experience has shown that the possibilities are practically endless, with modules available in an exceptionally wide range of options, from robust basics to superior models. Whether you are on a ship or in a high rise building, our superior functionality will win you over and lend a pleasant atmosphere to your space.

In a major departure from conventional construction wisdom, our buildings do not have to be built with thick brick-and-mortar walls to be energy efficient. Our modular constructions always correspond to the most up-to-date version of the Building Energy Act (GEG) and can also be used for low-energy or passive-house projects.

Modular building concepts from Wenker mean that you, the client, can react flexibly and promptly as your needs change and adapt your building to how it will be used.

How can we create more housing, given the increasing scarcity of building sites in our cities?

Our mobile units can be used to create multi-story residential and office buildings. How versatile is that?

Are your needs for space growing? Our design elements will grow right along with you.


The design options for modular construction are just as extensive as they are for conventional construction. Even though you might expect them to be restricted to a grid pattern, floor plans can be varied by putting together a variety of different module types. This variety means that clients can implement concepts for hotels, boarding houses, employee apartments, student halls of residence or even concepts for age-appropriate living.

Wenker’s modular hybrid concept is also suitable for increasing density in urban areas by adding floors to existing buildings, for instance.

Thanks to our “PLUG & PLAY” concept, we can combine mass-produced, prefabricated room modules made of wood, steel and concrete to create multi-functional residential units. Always with an eye to our clients’ requirements and vision. Maximum creative freedom when it comes to the housing mix is a reality made possible by changes to construction regulations.

Our flexible facade concept enables an extraordinary array of exterior designs to suit client requirements and the architectural plan. Here, we are guided entirely by the client’s specifications and vision. The outward appearance is the first thing others notice about your modular building. Our extensive resources and a comprehensive range of materials are at your disposal to help you shape that first impression.  These include aluminum, steel, glass, stone, wood, plaster, slate or rear-ventilated curtain facades. When it comes to your design, the sky is the limit.


Planning Reliability

Fixed flat rates and guaranteed production deadlines give you a reliable basis for planning. In times when industry is plagued with involuntary delays, this is more important than ever before.

Shorter Construction Times

Module production is not weather dependent, which reduces construction times by up to 80%. External factors such as delays due to suppliers and other tradespeople do not play a role.

Top Quality

Mass production guarantees our standard of quality. Our products are long-lasting and our system design and the construction materials we use significantly minimize construction waste.


Production at our own plant minimizes noise pollution for local residents since the high degree of prefabrication translates into an environmentally friendly, quiet construction site while precise material costing conserves resources during production.

The right room concept every time

Do you have a lot of ideas? We can build an unfurnished basic unit just as easily as we can a 4-star deluxe module with external features such as classic faux wood, complete interior furnishings, a balcony and an integrated wet cell.

We work with our expert on-site partners to plan and implement each project individually. Straightforward and all from one partner.

Our room modules are fast to build, economical, flexible and of excellent quality. Interior features, such as plumbing fixtures, heating, air conditioning and electrical equipment as well as floor and wall coverings, are all part of the prefabricated product.

This means we can complete up to 90% of the construction work before the modules make their way to the client.

Whether you have distinctive ideas about your future modular project or are inspired by one of our finished concepts, we will make your dreams come true!

The overall high-quality appearance of Wenker modules also applies to the interior design.