Paint Booth

Turnkey Paint Systems – Made by Wenker

As a general contractor, Wenker offers turnkey paint systems with state-of-the-art technology and paint booths with a self-supporting modular construction.

Because they are designed as 2-part modules (plenum and cabin walls), they can be individually tailored to each client’s needs.

Whether you’re working on greenfield or brownfield projects, Wenker offers solutions to fit any requirements.

Thanks to the fact that we have more than 30 years of experience in paint booth construction, our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge as well as our fast and efficient installation all the way from initial testing to the first successful production run.

While its basic structure is the same as that of our conventional booth, what makes this unique is how we use enthalpy control to regulate the interaction between the air supply or air recirculation unit and our AIR.EFFICIENT Booth.

Almost all coatings require a certain climate (e.g. 23°C / 60% relative humidity) for optimum application to a component.

A classic control structure cannot respond to the enthalpy increases that arise in conditions such as stormy weather. This results in production rejects. This is where our AIR.EFFICIENT Booth with enthalpy control comes into play, ensuring production safety while saving up to 30% of the energy used.