Robots & Application


Production technology is in the midst of a huge transition. At a time when expectations of efficiency, quality and sustainability are rising in global markets, we are also seeing increasingly strict requirements and regulations. The time has come for entirely new solutions. And that’s were we come into play. At Wenker, we help our clients meet the challenges that come with sweeping change. With comprehensive, systematic solutions.

Our innovations in the field of application and separation technology round out our solutions for your paint processes. Maximum performance, extreme convenience and results that set new standards of quality.

Production Flow Made Perfect

Robots are essential for ensuring that paint is only applied in the right place and in the right amount. They can reduce overspray without ever needing a break. Manipulators with hollow wrists are preferred for these applications, as these eliminate any freely moving hoses located above or next to the components, thereby preventing surface contamination.

Another option is that a component scanner in the infeed area records the shape of the component even while it is still being conveyed into the booth. This data is then processed and your component is painted in real time. In addition, by enabling offline programming, the user-friendly software allows you to create paint programs during the ongoing process. With no breaks or losses. How amazing is that?

Even though automated paint processes guarantee precision and speed, each component is different, and we have an answer to that too. We can supply different atomizers adapted to your needs. Wenker paint booths are designed in a way that allows you to install robots at different positions.


The All-Rounder

Work processes always require a flexible supply of materials. And flexibility defines us here as well. We can provide as many different paints as you need in tiny batches or large volumes. We offer a modular format for all standard container sizes, which reduces costs. For custom orders, we will design and manufacture containers in the dimensions you need.

Our containers are equipped with pneumatic or electric agitators. A speed monitor keeps the stirring process constant, while a minimum level sensor, an ultrasonic sensor or radar can also measure the filling quantity at the same time. A pneumatic lid lifter makes raising the lid precise and easy.


The Perfect Flow

Application systems have a critical influence on the investment and operating costs of a paint system. Material usage, precision and efficiency are the most important indicators that the paint process is economical and working perfectly.

As a coating specialist, you work with a wide variety of materials in your production process. The Wenker mixing and dispensing system allows you to apply as many components as you need in one step, in exactly the right amount.

We can configure our mixing and dispensing system for water-based or solvent-based paints, depending on your needs. You can choose the number of paints you want, as well as the number of curing and rinsing agents you need. Precisely applied and dispensed, all in one operation.

Gear or screw pumps are used for dispensing and ensure precise, consistent application. The electronic control with its individually editable washing programs maximizes efficiency, enables fast paint changes and reduces costs. Technology that is safe and easy to operate guarantees process reliability.


Always on the Move – Always Keeping an Eye on Everything

A scanner can record any shape even if it is moving and regardless of size or contours. In robot-based paint processes, this is an enormous advantage. A scanner in the infeed area records the shape of the component while it is still being conveyed into the booth. In order to optimize the recorded component dimensions, scanning devices can be equipped with varying numbers of scanner heads depending on the size and complexity of the components.

Powerful software is available for recording and processing the parameters. The software analyzes the component process data, which involves simulating a test run to avoid collisions and then sending the information to the painting robot. As a result, your component is processed in real time.

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in plant engineering, we can react flexibly and quickly to the different requirements you have for your components. Here at Wenker, we can plan, manufacture and assemble your scanning devices all under one roof. If you wish, we will also provide technical support for connecting the control system and help you to set up the work process. How convenient is that?