Failure of a drive motor can bring down your entire paint system. In order to prevent this, we will keep most of your critical spare parts in stock in our extensive spare parts warehouse,

ensuring that your paint systems will always be productive and available.

The Wenker Spare Parts Service will be pleased to advise you personally and work with you to develop an ideal inventory plan for critical spare parts including the perfect intervals for timely procurement. Thanks to our IT system, we can identify your spare and wear parts quickly and easily based on the item and drawing numbers.

Please use our form so that we can process your spare parts request or order as quickly as possible.

Request & Order Form (PDF)

Our Services

  • Analysis of critical components and assemblies
  • Recommendations to meet your needs
  • Deliveries of Wenker spare and wear parts
  • Deliveries of spare and wear parts from known sub-suppliers, often at special rates
  • Assistance in resolving technical issues
  • Regeneration of spare parts

Your Advantages

  • Low warehousing and capital costs
  • Spare and wear parts delivered as quickly as possible
  • State-of-the-art technology for assembly groups as well as spare and wear parts
  • Support for material and maintenance planning
  • Safe operation
  • Spare and wear parts also available for legacy systems
  • Technical review and consultation